ADVANTAGE TRANSMISSIONS is a full service automotive and light truck transmission repair facility, not a wholesale transmission remanufacturer.

At Advantage Transmissions, you will get back the same transmission that you sent in, rebuilt, and you will pay only for the parts it needed. The practice of rebuilding the transmission that came out of the vehicle avoids all of the problems of mis-matches and improper calibration associated with exchange units. No one can deny the fact that the best transmission for the vehicle is the one it came with from the factory.

The aim of our fleet program is not to sell as many transmissions as possible to whomever will buy them, but, instead, to provide a select group of quality-conscious businesses with the means to handle transmission repairs with confidence and dependability.

The prices we quote are for complete overhauls. They include the master overhaul kit, a rebuilt torque converter, all clutches, bands, seals and powerflushing the transmission cooler and refilling the system with fresh fluid. The only parts not included in the price are those necessary to repair extreme or unusual damage. These are considered "Hard Parts" and do not come in the overhaul kit. They are priced out individually, if needed. The practice of listing hard parts separately was adopted to help stabilize pricing at lower levels instead of inflating prices on transmission types that are known for their possibility of expensive hard part damage. Hard part prices will be calculated on a cost plus ten percent basis.

All of our work comes with a 12 month , 12 thousand mile warranty and although we are an independent shop , our warranty is nationwide through the AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION REBUILDERS ASSOCIATION, or "ATRA".

Our vice president, John Pifke, is a nationally recognized transmission diagnostic expert. He has over 27 years in the transmission industry and his work has been published in the Transmission Digest. He was recently inducted into the "Sonnax TASC force", a group of respected transmission professionals, where his input will be used to help educate and solve problems for the transmission industry as a whole.

A recent addition to our existing fleet program is the introduction of an employee benefit discount. This is a 10% across the board discount that will be extended to all of your employees as our way of saying thank you for you business. Laminated cards with attached discount vouchers have been printed for display on your employees’ information board showing that you have arranged this discount for them.

We look forward to a mutually satisfying and profitable relationship and thank you for your business.